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Chillin' With Mia is a hardback, brightly-illustrated book you can use

to guide your child through a mindfulness breathing experience.

Mindfulness breathing helps lower stress and anxiety.

It can also help with behavior challenges.

Bipolar Disorder in Truth is the crazy story

of my (Andy's) life leading up to, and the 10 years following 

manic psychosis while serving a mission in Taiwan and Montana.

Andy narrates Bipolar Disorder in Truth, Book on CD, 

which also features NFL superstar Chad Lewis reading his foreword, 

and John Robertson reading his personal account of being with Andy during manic psychosis.

REACH for Mental Health Music CD

Songs from REACH for Mental Health CD

-  Recognize: CLICK HERE for Youtube intro and MV

-  Emerging: CLICK HERE for Youtube intro and MV.

-  I'm Not Depression: CLICK HERE to hear the song in Andy's video.

-  I Wanna Fly: CLICK HERE to see the story and MV.

-  Monkey On My Back: This song goes along with the story that you can see here.

REACH for the Kids is a 5-book series of stories specially written 

to guide parents, teachers, and counselors as they talk to children about mental illness.

Click Here to purchase your set from Research Press.

"A School of Trout; A Spirited Stringer of Fishing Poetry"

This was the book that got me hooked on writing and publishing way back in 2001.

  • Click Here to listen to Andy sharing A School of Trout poetry on the radio!

Santa Claus All Year Long, Volumes 1 and 2 

Stories of Santa's magical life away from Christmas. 

These were the bedtime stories I used to tell my children. 

After they went to sleep, I ran to the computer and wrote the stories. 

Now, your children can enjoy them too! 

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