-  National Certified Counselor,
-  Licensed Professional Counselor,
-  Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor


I'm a bilingual (English and Mandarin) mental health therapist.
My areas of specialty are mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc.),
and relationships (couples, family, etc.).

I have lived with and around mental illness all my life. 
Because of my personal struggles
with chronic mental illness,
I understand and connect with others
who also struggle with emotional pain.

I love to use English and Mandarin
to teach emotional
and relationship health
by speaking to groups of all sizes,
teaching classes,
writing books and songs,
and making videos.

This is my Clinical Mental Health Counselor license.

This is my National Certified Counselor Certificate.
It shows I am board-certified.

This is my Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor Certificate.
It certifies I specialize in mental health.

This is my Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree.
It is CACREP accredited.

Here's my ACTFL Certificate
It certifies my Mandarin-speaking level.

I'd love to share my personal story
with your group, and teach
how you too
can REACH a happy life.

Shoot me an email any time!

Let's connect soon.