Ni hao! I'm Andrew S. Hogan. I go by Andy. I love the Chinese and their language! After living in Taiwan for a year in 1991, I minored in Asian studies and Mandarin at Weber State University. Over the next 25 years I've used Mandarin as an author, speaker, business rep., tour guide, and friend. I recently completed my Master of Mental Health Counseling degree and am enjoying promoting mental health as a therapist and advocate in Chinese communities worldwide. I also love Mandarin Immersion programs and enjoy teaching Mandarin and Chinese culture. Feel free to shoot me an email any time with speaking requests, or other projects you have involving the wonderful Chinese people. 

Milestone  Memories

2018: Beating Mental Illness,
Self-help Book Published by 
Minzu University Press in Beijing

2015: Featured Speaker on Mental Health at Beijing University of Technology

2012: Personal Assistant to Michael McLean for Taiwan Music Tour

2002: Personal Assistant to Dr. Ching Kuo Wu (吳經國), International Olympic Committee (IOC) member for the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City Utah

1990-1991: LDS Mission to Taiwan

Andy's ACTFL Certificate

Andy's ACMHC License