Ni hao! I'm Andrew S. Hogan, ACMHC. I go by Andy. I'm a bilingual (English and Mandarin) mental health therapist. My license covers the state of Utah, and I also serve clients in Asia via cyber counseling. My areas of specialty are mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc.), and family relationships.

I have lived with and around mental illness all my life. 
Because of my personal struggles with chronic mental illness,
I understand and connect with others who also struggle with emotional pain.

I love to use my Mandarin to serve Chinese clients.
I have English-speaking counseling clients in Utah as well as Mandarin-speaking clients in Asia. I am also working with the Wisdom, Culture, and Education Organization under the STUF United Fund to write and facilitate relationship-improvement classes for Taiwanese immigrant families.

Here's my ACTFL Certificate
It certifies my Mandarin speaking level.

I write a lot of books on emotional wellness.
My 5-steps self-help book: Beating Mental Illness
has been translated into both traditional and simplified Mandarin and sold in Taiwan and China. 

I have also written a relationship-improvement program. 
This program can help mend your emotional pain, and stop defensive cycles that hurt your relationships. The program is called REACH from Defending to Mending

I also enjoy teaching and speaking.
I've shared my personal story of manic psychosis, five steps to beat mental illness, and REACH from Defending to Mending in large and small groups throughout the USA, Taiwan, and China.
I'd love to speak to your group!

Feel free to shoot me an email any time!
I'd love to meet you and help you and your loved ones find peaceful waters despite mental illness, and happy relationships instead of hurtful conflict.